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10+ Israeli Companies Redefining the Tech Industry

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Israeli Companies Redefining the Tech Industry

Israel has established itself as a global technology powerhouse, with numerous companies that have made a significant impact in various sectors. Here, we’ll take a closer look at 10+ Israeli-based technology companies, their founders, origins, and their remarkable contributions to the tech world.


  • Founders: Micha Kaufman and Shai Wininger.
  • Origin: Founded in Tel Aviv, Israel, in 2010.
  • Description: Fiverr is an online marketplace that offers a platform for freelancers to offer their services to customers worldwide. Services include graphic design, digital marketing, writing, and more. Buyers can find freelancers for various tasks and projects.


  • Founders: Yaron Galai and Ori Lahav.
  • Origin: Founded in Netanya, Israel, in 2006.
  • Description: Outbrain is a content discovery and recommendation platform used by publishers and advertisers to increase audience engagement. It serves recommendations on various publisher websites to help readers discover more content that interests them.


  • Founder: Or Offer.
  • Origin: Founded in Tel Aviv, Israel, in 2007.
  • Description: SimilarWeb is a digital market intelligence company that provides insights and analytics for websites and mobile apps. It offers data and competitive analytics to help businesses understand their online presence and competitors.


  • Founder: Adam Singolda.
  • Origin: Founded in Israel in 2007.
  • Description: Taboola is a content discovery platform that provides personalized content recommendations on websites to increase audience engagement and monetization. It serves sponsored content and is widely used by publishers and advertisers.

  • Founders: Avishai Abrahami, Nadav Abrahami, and Giora Kaplan.
  • Origin: Founded in Tel Aviv, Israel, in 2006.
  • Description: is a popular website creation and hosting platform that caters to individuals and businesses globally. It provides a user-friendly interface and templates for building websites without advanced coding skills.


  • Founder: Tomer Bar Zeev and Omer Kaplan.
  • Origin: Founded in Tel Aviv, Israel, in 2010.
  • Description: IronSource is a mobile business platform that specializes in app distribution and monetization. It serves app developers globally and offers solutions for app distribution and monetization.


  • Founders: Uri Levine, Ehud Shabtai, and Amir Shinar.
  • Origin: Founded in Israel in 2008.
  • Description: Waze is a navigation app known for its crowd-sourced traffic data. It was acquired by Google and integrated into Google Maps. Waze provides real-time traffic information and navigation guidance.


  • Founders: Amnon Shashua and Ziv Aviram.
  • Origin: Founded in Jerusalem, Israel, in 1999.
  • Description: Mobileye is a pioneer in autonomous driving technology, developing advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS). It’s known for its computer vision and machine learning technologies. It was acquired by Intel.

Mellanox Technologies

  • Founders: Eyal Waldman.
  • Origin: Founded in Yokneam, Israel, in 1999.
  • Description: Mellanox Technologies specializes in high-performance networking solutions, including InfiniBand and Ethernet products. It plays a vital role in data centers and high-performance computing and was acquired by NVIDIA.

Check Point Software Technologies

  • Founders: Gil Shwed, Marius Nacht, and Shlomo Kramer.
  • Origin: Founded in Tel Aviv, Israel, in 1993.
  • Description: Check Point Software Technologies is a global leader in cybersecurity, providing solutions to protect networks, cloud infrastructures, and mobile devices.


  • Founders: Talmon Marco and Igor Magazinik.
  • Origin: Viber was founded in Israel in 2010.
  • Description: Viber is a cross-platform instant messaging and voice-over IP (VoIP) application that provides free text, voice, and video communication. It’s known for its secure and encrypted communication features, which have gained popularity in regions around the world. Viber was acquired by the Japanese company Rakuten in 2014.

NSO Group (Pegasus Software)

  • Founders: Omri Lavie, Niv Carmi, and Shalev Hulio.
  • Origin: NSO Group was founded in Israel in 2010.
  • Description: NSO Group is a technology firm that develops and sells surveillance software, including the infamous Pegasus spyware. This software is designed for use by governments and law enforcement agencies to track and gather information from mobile devices. It has faced significant controversy due to its alleged misuse in various countries for invasive surveillance.

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